Tobin Rothlein
There is a palpable and finite tension within the skewed balance of humans and our surroundings; the structures and systems that shape, define, and encase us - economic, political, cultural, social. My impulse is to instigate this tension, to quietly give it a nudge.

Within this superstructure I find it fascinating that a minimal alteration, from the most infinitesimal and un-empowered of places, can become a destabilizing force. It can reorder space or shift action and thought, leaving the observer simply wondering how it happened. I seek out this poetry of the very small. These simple gestures, movements and estrangements that immediately alter not only how we perceive a thing, but at times the very thing itself. I most often explore this through the human body as primary medium: the trace of the body within a space; the imprint of body upon other objects; the individual body in anatomical finite detail, and the body en masse as community.

I draw upon elements of sculpture, performance, dance, and video. I believe these disciplines exist in a constant state of change and redefinition.  They hold no responsibility to mimic the past, uphold tradition, follow old rules, or succumb to contemporary ones.

It is important to me that there be an element of unpredictability.  For this reason I work with materials that are living, thinking, impermanent and breathing.  This is the form of collaboration within my process, a balance of two opposing forces; Control and Chance. I sculpt and choreograph the Object, the Viewer and the Performer, each becoming integral partners: to rearrange, subvert, rethink and re-see.