I walked into Cambodies “The White Building” for the first time and was overwhelmed with a single question, How can I bring light in?

The hallways were perpetually dark, so together with residents in the building, we created something to bring light in using comprised of the people, mirrors from their homes, and mirror shards from a nearby glass shop.

This work is documented and is shared on video. It’s original form was as a live installation and “performance”.

For Lightlines i created an installation of found mirrors in Phnom Penh's "white building". For this work I directed a group of residents to slowly manipulate handheld mirrors from their own homes, reflecting sunlight inward from open stairwells at the ends of a perpetually dark hallway. the event, lasting about 4 hours, invited all residents to "draw" with reflected natural light, resulting in a space momentarily activated and transformed.